TNJON 台聚精工

    TNJON is one of the world's famous manufacturers of knifeholders and blades. There are score cut, shear cut, and hot cut knifeholders for slitting various materials such as paper, plastic film, aluminum foils, copper foils, nonwoven fabric, fibers and rubber, etc.It manufactures and distributes blades and knifeholders since 1990.


    Besides, we also manufacture shear knives, circular knives, anvil knives, zigzag knives, perforating knives, dovetail and anvil roller accessories for all kinds of slitters.


    To meet the ever-growing market demand, we set up headquarters of TNJON is in Nanjing.


    Today, we pride ourselves on giving all of our customers the very best in terms of quality, reliability and innovation and this applies not only to our products and services, but also to our customers' great support.